Well to begin, I really had no clue on the definitions of HTML, XHTML, and CSS. I have been in the web designing business before, but I’ve only done the designing part; not the uploading and maintaining the pages.  From looking into HTML, XHTML, and css I have found that these are the major components on building a web-page the HTML is the content of the website or what you put into your page. The XHTML this includes tags, feeds, shortcuts, and ways to navigate around the pages.  CSS is the font, color and the layout of the page. I really hope to learn more into all of them . I myself see myself making web sites when i graduate. In my studies i have learned allot of the designing factors on building website, right now i need to learn more on scripting , and uploading the web pages to the sites, also learning the CSS part to better my designing in text color and layout of the pages.


Introduction to CSS

Introduction to XHTML



Podcasting  well lets just say its made with audio, video, or both of them.  I watch podcast’s all the time when I’m looking for tutorials on a specific topic.  Podcast’s can also be used to watch your favorite TV shows or shows someone has made from around the world. Then there is a pod-catcher which will act as a RSS feed and collect your favorite podcast’s every time a new one i made. To get this you can use the itunes podcatcher or there are others you can find and use. When you go to a website and you see podcasts you like go ahead and click the subscribe, then you will be able to receive all the podcasts from that site.  I know i always benefit from podcasts with tutorials, or just fun things to watch that people have created and casted on the net.  Maybe one day i will create a podcast, and do some fun things with them, or maybe it will just tutorials on something im learning or have succeeded in.  I would check out podcasting if you haven’t heard or used it before.  Think about never missing your favorite TV show again thank you podcast!

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Learn podcasting

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Tools / sites for podcasts

Podcast tools

podcast alley

Podcasting (Audacity) ( the ultimate podcast collection)

Information Trapping

How frustrating is it when you are wanting to look up something of interest or for a project, and you type it in the search. After clicking search you find yourself looking through millions of different sites, and categories for the one topic. Well lets get you introduced to information trapping, which is our tools we use today for searching and gathering the information. RSS feeds can be used to gather the information for you , all you have to do is sign up to a reader (google reader) then you can always click the RSS feed button usually located on the right side of the sites. This will subscribe you too their feed where you can always be updated on the new topics, and information added to that site or blog. RSS feeds are a very useful tool in information trapping. Another tool would be when you are searching for something on a search engine. Try putting a + sign or ” with the words. Such as Information Trapping + blogs this will help you to find the specific searches you are looking for , and not have to look at the million sites that pull up for that one topic.  I think information trapping can help all of us why sit and be frustrated at the computer be it working on a project, or just sitting at home surfing the net.  Try using tools to help find the information, and don’t forget use the RSS feeds these will benefit you as well. Stop being frustrated try it out see how these work for you.

Information trapping real time

Era of information trapping

Information trapping research buzz


Well lets just say there’s not really much to twitter! It basically explains itself, you go to the site sign in , and let everyone of your friends know what you are doing right now at this time.  I don’t really understand why you would use it when you can email , or use a messenger service to  talk with more space.  I might give it a try and see, I did log in and see alot of my friends are on there, and i had no clue it was even out here. Well i hope i can learn something more about it , and maybe i would use it in the near future. But for now i don’t see myself on Twitter.

Twitter on the media

whats Twitter

Twitter on the go

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligenceis a shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals.  There are many types of Collective intelligence.  When we think about it we are (some of us) a part of all of these . It could be in your employment company, your school, your family, or even just yourself. I myself know i take a part in Collective intelligence.  You can kinda think of it as a big network of communities of practice.  Collective intelligence (CI) can also be defined as a form of networking enabled by the rise of communications technology, namely the Internet. Web 2.0 has enabled interactivity and thus, users are able to generate their own content. I know i always talk about the virtual world but think about it. There is a ton of collective intelligence out there.  It is a better and faster way to bring everyone together in a group to learn from self and others, and its on-line so  how much better can it get. Well when i was on SL the other day i ran across a group talking about how they want to see Second Life  bring the view on Web 3.0. I think that would be pretty interesting and i plan to be there when this happens.  CI will play a big role in your life, and will always continue if you let it.  I hope someday we can come up with a new organization to make learning even easier, and more efficient for everyone.  I learn more from groups. Think about it ” where would we be without the knowledge, and the things we know today” Would we continue to learn as fast as we do. Would we take weeks, or even months on one project?  With collective intelligence we have everything right at our fingertips. Welcome to the Internet and web 2.0 isn’t it wonderful.  I couldn’t imagine a world without what we have today.ci_types1s

Blog of Collective Intelligence

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Programing Collective Intelligence

Communities of practice

This is a great way to learn everything you want to know yourself, and you can also learn from all the other people in this community built.  What is community of practice?  well to begin its a community, unity, or group build together to learn, and help each other succeed your goals. I myself use a community of practice,  and that would have to be back to my second life. There i have tons of friends that are in the design industry; as well as there are groups defined just for that purpose.  You can also have meetings, and conferences this will help with learning as well , being there is live chat in the world.  I really love the fact that if need help with something i can log on to here and ask for the help, and in some time i can get examples as well as figuring out how to do it hands on.  Im sure i am in other communities of practice and just thinking about it I always been involved in them. It might just be a organization or group , or could be just family and friends. We all use them and they are the best way to learn and succeed your goals. I hope everyone will learn from our courses. There is allot to be learned in our studies , and as our instructors say once we graduate we will still continue learning. Once and a while think and right down your goals for your success. It will help you meet them in the end.


Communities of Practice

Organization and Performace.

impacting edjucation


When I first heard about the PLE ( Personal Learning Environment) I really couldn’t understand what it was i was trying to figure out. As i looked into it more , I realized that I myself have always used PLE’s.  My main PLE right now would have to be my room the way it is organized, for everything is right there for me to grab something on my desk for study material; my pc is also on my desk with my laptop. So when I’m working i have everything organized and right there ready for me to dig into to.  I also have another big part of my PLE, and that would be my virtual PLE; as in the game called Second Life.  There you will meet allot of people or can just make your goals yourself, and learn everything hands on.  I have learned how to build on there as well as some of my graphics design and layouts. There is a mince amount of things to be learned from SL and the environment is right at your fingertips. For me my PLE would have to be my rooms organization, and my Virtual Second Life hands on approach.  I still have allot to learn in my studies, and just things i would like to find out myself. My PLE’s will help me through all my goals, and in the end when im at success maybe then I can share my PLE’s with you.


Stephens PLE


Presentation on PLE’s

Professional Blogging

Professional blogging helps in many was as you as the blogger, as well as the readers point of view. I myself really do not have the writing skill for blogs, but in blogs really what makes a blog is the information you put into it. Make sure that you are blogging everyday if possible, to help you understand more about blogging. You can post your blogs on your personal life, businesses, school, projects, really anything you would like to discuss and get feedback from. I love the blogging world in the fact it helps me learn if i need to know something right away I can post my blog, and then in a little while I can go back and see the feedback or what you call comments, and find out more about what I’m trying to research.  You can also direct the readers to your blogs from your personal site, or even a you-tube video , or some other kinda of application you have created. Just post the link to your blog and the reader will then be able to log into the blog and find what they are looking for. I think professional blogging is needed everyday, I hope by the end of my courses i myself will be a professional blogger, and learn all I can to help others from what i learned. You may also want to look into blogging for your income purposes, you can be a professional blogger, and turn your their weblogs into cash cows that supplement their income. Maybe by the end of my courses, I can have everything in my blogging sites, for information to help others when they are first learning about how to become a professional blogger.

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RSS Rich Site Summary

When hearing about RSS feeds in class, I really didn’t know where they came from or what they were, but after reading about it more in detail. I find myself wondering where have i been why haven’t i learned about RSS feeds before. How smart is this system, I mean how much time does it take to go to a search engine , or a site of choice and try to gather information. Couldn’t you get alot more done if you would sit there and get all the information directed to you. This is a great opportunity to learn about RSS feeds, I myself think of the RSS feed as a tool to not have to go out and search for the information, but sit there and let all the info come to you. Yes you might have to subscribe to read, news,  updates, headlines, events. I really think the RSS feeds and learning more about them , will help me alot in learning in my courses: a project I’m working on will take less time to find the information , and more time to work  on the main focus of the project, studies, homework, or anything of your choice. I really hope i learn alot more into the RSS feeds, and then i will also move on to the content aggragators but we can discuss that later.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 on youtube

Web 2.0 Essay

Web 2.0 Directory


These are the three sites, and applications that helped me find out a little bit about web 2.0. First I really didn’t understand what web 2.0 was so I carefully watched the video from to find out what exactly web 2.0 was and how it has changed today’s world of communication , and Internet. Well after watching the video on it , and searching around some more I also found an essay to help me understand better. To me web 2.0 is an upgrade from everything we used to have , now days we can email faster, there are so many search engines , as well as instant messaging chat, and well we do have networking. With web 2.0 we can communicate with one another so much faster then how we used to have to. I think that the upgrade to web 2.0 and all the knowledge behind it , is a great step for the world and more. Don’t you think so , I mean we can even order grocery’s off the Internet now how great is that. The web 2.0 to me is an upgrade, as well as the new gate to socializing on the net, getting things done faster, and more efficient. What does web 2.0 mean to you?